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April's Services and Prices

Consultations are always complimentary!

Lifts and Tints

Lash Lift- $50

Lash Tint- $20

Combo- $60


First 24 hours: DO NOT get lashes wet, do not use beauty products around lashes and eyes, and avoid steam.

After 24 hours: Be gentle, do not rub or pick at lashes. Avoid harsh skincare products or products containing oil. Wait 48 to apply mascara. NO waterproof mascara.

Permanent Makeup

Powder Brows- $500

Combination Brows (mix of microblading and powder brows)- $550

Eyeliner top OR bottom- $275

Eyeliner top AND bottom- $500

Lip Blush- $500

6-12 week touch up- FREE

Powder Brow touch up- $250

Combination Brows touch up- $275

Eyeliner top OR bottom touch up- $140

Eyeliner top AND bottom touch up- $250

Lip Blush touch up- $300

Foreign touch up- $50 additional charge

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